Resources Cabinet for your most exotic needs.

You often need resources for the darnedest things.

Recently, a woman sent in a question: “I have an ancestor who was a farmer. He didn’t till the land. He seems to have had something to do with taxes. Can you help clear this up?”

What would you do if you ran into this situation? You probably would start by going to the dictionary. There are several fine online dictionaries.

If this lady had gone to she would have found “One who has paid for the right to collect and retain certain revenues or profits,” as the second definition, and a couple others further down the page.

This point is not to disparage the woman. It’s to lift up the need for a resource cabinet. That is, a place where you can rapidly find answers to questions about time zone borders, zip codes, definitions of unfamiliar words, concordances to the Holy Bible, Shakespeare, or Lord Byron, vitamin and mineral content of common foods, military insignia, and more topics than Chiquita has bananas.

For genealogists, links to a variety of genealogical sites is equally important.

Genealogical sites do more than provide personal data about a particular family tree. They can provide insights into the daily lives of a particular era. New ideas are provided by such links. Resource information and materials show up through links to other sites.

This page provides you with both types of links–general and special links, and genealogical links.

Come back often. The page is constantly being updated.


Need to look up a word? Just use the Dictionary.

On the other hand,if you just want a synonym or antonym go to the Thesaurus

A Great Tool

When you want to look up a phone number, use it.

When you want to look up an address, use it.

When you want to look up a name located at an address you have, use it.

In short, If you have a person's name, or phone nuimber, or street address, you can find all the other information.

Say you are trying to clean up a church roll. The addresses and phone numbers are sadly out of date.

Go to White Pages, type in the name and city [sometimes just the state], click the search button and up pops the name, address and phone number.

Maybe all you have is a phone number. Type it in the box, click the search button. and in less time than it took you to type in the information, up pops the name, address and phone number.

Maybe you want to inmvite everyone on youir block to a block party, but you don't know their names. No problemo. Type in each street address and the resident's name pops up.

This is an unbelievably useful took I use every day, sometimes several times a day. You have to just check out this free site to find the many uses.

I can't recommend highly enough the tool at White Pages

Cookbook Tool

You will experience the same excitement I did the first time I visited this site. You see, I love to cook. In fact, I work with my sister on a cooking web site at So when you go to the Heritage Cookbook site and see the fantastic "no-work" tool provided to members of this site, your head will swim with money-making ideas for your family reunion or church group or even your own bank account [wink wink].

Creating a cookbook ready for printing is as easy--well, I started to say pie, but I want no puns here. And once finished you can have any number from 5 copies on up printed and delivered to your front door.

Hey, you don't have to take my word for it. It doesn't cost anything to look. Just make a quick run on over to Heritage Cookbook.

Small Towns

There was a time when your ancestors were from a small town, about the only way you could research there was by telephone [if you were lucky enough to know someone there and there phone number], mail, or simply visiting it.

Now the internet can take you even to small towns. Check out this tiny county in Texas and all the genealogical information there.

Visit Dickens County TX

How Noble Are You?

He said, "My name is Jan-Olov von Wowern, and I am the author of the genealogy book "Find Your Noble Ancestors!"

So what?

Well, if you are interested in searching for noble ancestors in your own family tree, he further says, "I would like to tell you in my new genealogy book how you can use the techniques I have used to find out if you belong to a noble family!"

Just to find out what this is all abbouit, he has posted the first chapter of his book at Find Your Noble Ancestors.

Czechoslovakia Link

Have ancestors from Czechoslovakia? My Czech Republic! provides information on Czech travel, culture and community. Maps, photos, and tours for travel to the Czech Republic are on the site. There is even a “How do you say...?” page. If you have Czech roots, or just want to know more about the Czech Republic, be sure to visit this site.
My Czech Republic!

Genealogy Chat


Ever have a favorite family reunion photo with a spot blotting out part of grandpa's face?

Did that baby picture of your first child get wrinkled because a kid grabbed it in a clenched fist?

Is that photo of grandma fading because of the photographic process of that age?

We all have our favorite horror stories. But now there is help. Check out

DIY photo restoration made easy!!

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