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A biography--Larry Winebrenner [The Reverend Doctor Lawrence Murray Winebrenner, Junior, BA, BD, MDiv., MEd., EdD, Professor Emeritus] requires his 10 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren to address him as

The Reverend Doctor Grandfather Professor Emeritus Lawrence Murray Winebrenner, Junior, BA, BD, MDiv., MEd., EdD

–but you can just call him Larry.

A little biography for Larry--Larry and his wife of more than 50 years, Joyce Opal Embry, have lived in the same house in Opa Locka/Carol City/Miami Gardens FL for over 40 years. There they raised Cecelia “Ceal” Marguerite [born in Miami], Lawrence Murray III [born in Racine WI], Charles Edward [born in Green Bay (Yay Packers!!!)], Paul Andrew [born in Plymouth WI] and Karen Dawn [born in Hialeah FL].

This biography would not be complete without the kids. Ceal and husband Tom Diaz have no children, but do dote on their cats. Murray and wife Kathy Knowles live in Tallahassee FL with their two children Laura Christine [now attending college in VA] and Lawrence Murray IV. Charles and wife Cathy English live in Miami, but their daughter Christy Hardin and her daughter Sydney and son Wyatt live in Madison FL while their son Jeremiah Bell and his wife Alejandra live in Orlando FL. Paul and his wife Connie Bush live in Bay Minette AL where children Troy and Valerie Lolly with their daughter Breana Renee, Bobby and Linda Burr with children Callie Marie, Wesley James, and Jonathan Tyler, and Shelly and Chris Vest with their son Daniel Isaac all live also.

Larry is a retired college professor and pastor. He has set up this web site to help folks who are interested in searching their family roots to do so. He has experience in the field.

He was editor and publisher of Genealogical News Weekly an international publication which received rave notices from personnel in the National Archives Genealogy Room, and from genealogists and libraries across the nation. He sold the publication in 1976 when he received an invitation to Poland on a cultural exchange. Without his management and guidance, the seven weeks he was in Poland, the publication folded.

Larry also developed and taught a course at Miami-Dade College on Local History and Genealogy. Colleagues and history professor Dr. Robert Turk and several school teachers who took the course as well as the regular students at the college gave the course extravagant praise.

Dr. Turk recently said, “I never stopped looking for my roots once I took Larry’s course." Professor Ken Hauser, another colleague, did not take the course but monitored it in his preparation of his family history.

Alex Haley, on a consultation visit to Miami-Dade College when the college was creating a course based on Haley's family tree from the Roots TV series, asked, “Do you have an Afro-American element in your course?”

The Director of the Social Science Division, Dr. William Primus, an Afro-American, answered, “Not only did he have an Afro-American component, but he guided me back to my ancestry in South Carolina.”

Haley smiled and said, “It looks like I made the right decision about which college should develop my Roots project.”

Larry was also President of Greater Miami Genealogical Society and served several years as editor for their magazine, Heritage.

He’s edited other genealogical publications, a state social science journal, and has written two [non-genealogical] books and several articles on such diverse topics as local church history, business management, and numismatics.

Larry is a personal friend of James Lee Burke, has gone crabbing with him, and has consulted with him on a mystery soon to be published.

Larry's favorite research service is Ancestry.com but Genealogy Today runs it a close second.

On rare occasions Larry accepts speaking engagements.

You can reach Larry at:

Larry Winebrenner, Webmaster
5431 NW 167 Street
Opa Locka FL 33055
Phone 305-624-1893

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