Climb the Family Tree More Easily with a First Class Genealogy Program

Genealogy programs can be quite helpful...if....

Sometimes you can find a free genealogy program. That’s fine if you are a part time hobbyist. If you are serious about your family tree, get a full featured genealogy–building program.

It will be cheaper in the long run.

Here are some of the benefits you should seek in a program.

Your primary purpose is to store, organize and easily retrieve data you have collected. The most desirable form in which you want to retrieve the material is in the form of a standard pedigree report.

Cats, dogs, horses, and other pets have pedigrees carefully organized and displayed. Why not you?

Genealogy systems should also make data entry an easy task. You don’t want to sit over the computer hours on end typing in the data you’ve collected. Believe me, if I typed Winebrenner once, I typed it a thousand times–until I got my present system. Now it and dozens of other terms are added by the click of a button.

Another benefit is a genealogy program that is not limited by the number of facts it can store. You want to be able to store facts and more facts and continue adding facts as long as you gather them.

The way you store these facts is important, also. Can you store photographs? Can you scan in letters and documents, copies of obituaries and military discharges? Can you add the sound of a child’s first word were you fortunate enough to capture it. How about wedding vows, valedictorian speeches, and recorded phone messages from far off relatives? All this and more should be available to you at a reasonable price.

Vital for verification of your ancestral line is your ability to track your sources. The whole point of building your family tree is to be able to verify your claims. Your genealogy program should be able to build an airtight legal case with evidence you have collected. Only this way can you legitimately verify your claims.

In this collection of data, you need to identify who are your ancestors and to use the data to find additional ancestors. A good genealogy program makes ancestor hunting more of a joy than a chore.

All this must be done through one-click searching. Who wants to dig and dig and dig to find leads on your ancestors? Your genealogy program should make one-click searching a standard element.

The program I use has a Step-by-Step Genealogy "How-To" Guide and Search Tips Customized for my research. This is so good, even for a veteran researcher like me. This is a desirable benefit that any genealogy program you get should include.

The way you share your results is important. Can you send them to the web? In understandable format? Can you record them on PDF? What kind of printout can you get? Can you burn the info on a CD to share? What kind of templates, if any, are provided?

An All-in-One Tree is a desirable feature. I have it on my genealogy program.

And here’s a personal favorite–a way to store and use maps. I guess I’m basically a map freak. I have road maps of states showing roads that no longer exist. I have bible atlases, Civil War atlases, historical atlases of European countries development, maps showing sea voyages, maps...well, you get the idea. I think I’m on every map-sellers’ list in the world. They say, “Hey, just offer Winebrenner a map and you’ve made a sale.” Ask my wife. She has to work around all those maps.

So it is no wonder that I think a genealogy program with map features and timelines is great.

If you’ve read my page on publishing, you’ll appreciate any genealogy program that helps you with that task. You might also see if the program you consider will help you publish family books. If it does, that’s simply a plus when you are considering it.

One genealogy program I recommend without hesitation contains all the benefits I mentioned in the overview is the outrageously low priced, fantastically featured Family Tree Maker.

If you are looking for a genealogy program, you can’t go wrong with it.

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