Who wants them?

The visitor Flora tells about in Reminiscing found his warts painful, not just irritating. They can be sore as well as aggravating.

Did you ever have one? Have a wart?

They can be almost anywhere on your body. On the sole of you foot, end of your nose, the knuckle of the little finger on your left hand, top of your head. Just think of any place on your body. Anyplace. You could have a one there.

And there are ways to get rid of them. More about that later.

The good news is that they are not cancerous. The American Academy of Dermatology says that warts are “non-cancerous skin growths caused by a viral infection in the top layer of the skin.” *

That seems to undercut the notion some folks have that it is passed on from their ancestors. The family tree has nothing to do with it unless it’s the transmission of the propensity to have them. You may get it from your family, but only modern kinfolk who have them and come in contact with you. And it is very hard to transmit the virus, so don’t worry.

Since it is a viral infection, dermatologists tend to favor medical solutions for warts, and sometimes that is about the only effective procedure. But before going to the expense of a medical professional, you may want to try some other approaches.

Flora, for example, in her Reminiscing, tells of tying off a wart with a silk thread. That was effective in that case, but it was accompanied by pain. Not everyone will want to follow that procedure.

Most drug stores also carry various patent medicines that claim effectiveness. I’ve found no substantiation to those claims and would be happy to hear from anyone who has experienced success with any of them.

I have heard good reports about natural remedies. This seems to be the direction much medicine is heading these days. One especially effective product is Forces of Nature Check out their page and product tell me what you think.

Any attempt to cure warts through home remedies have one caution to bear in mind. Make sure the item you are treating actually is one. Other skin ailments, like moles, could lead to complications if some of the home remedies are used, for example, tying with a silk thread. That’s one good reason to use natural remedies test their effectiveness and not simply rely on folk remedies.

And, don’t forget, They often will go away on their own if left alone.


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